TDC For Service, TDC For Quality, TDC Your Company.

TDC - Thrifty Rentals offers renters variety, affordability, quality service, accessibility, special monthly and long term rates, unlimited mileage, plus the unique advantage of obtaining a comparable vehicle based on availability, on either of the sister islands.

“The courteous service and best value offered by TDC Thrifty Rentals Ltd. A St. Kitts-Nevis firm that permits you to rent a car on any of the two islands and get a substitute on the other island when vacationing in St Kitts-Nevis”

Why Choose TDC Thrifty Rentals

  • Hassle Free Reservation
  • Wide Variety Of Vehicles To Choose From
  • Professional And Courteous Staff
  • Affordable Rates
  • Convenient Locations
  • Free Substitute Vehicles On Either Island
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